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Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by Jmillar, 28th Feb, 2016.

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  1. Jmillar

    Jmillar Well-Known Member

    27th Jun, 2015
    Hi guys,

    Just bought IP #5 which is a house which requires renovation. I've never owned a house, and never done a renovation, so just wondering whether there are any good short videos with tips regarding renovations.

    Aside from the works which absolutely need to be done, I'm also wondering whether I should be removing some/all of the trees and bushes at the front. Also, the side fences are wooden and have collapsed, and wondering what sort of fences I should be replacing them with, and how to get the neighbours to agree to pay half?

    My main focus will be to eliminate anything which can attract termites (moisture, trees, tree stumps), remove trees close to fences and close to the house which are dropping leaves into gutters. Aside from this, the kitchen and bathroom is fine, but floor coverings throughout the whole house need to be replaced and all walls need to be painted.

    What floor coverings should I be going for? It is a long-term buy and hold 3bdr house in the Ipswich area.

  2. A Jeremy

    A Jeremy Active Member

    3rd Jul, 2015
    Seeing as though this isn't your first property you may already be aware of this but many people have the urge is to spend and spend on their IPs. You should spend every dollar with the aim of gaining two in value. There's no point spending $10k if it only gives you a $10k increase in value otherwise the exercise is moot.

    The exception to this is spending money for reasons other than value such as decreasing vacancies.

    In terms of your questions regarding the fence and floor coverings, you need to do a cost/benefit analysis in relation to outlay, maintenance and replacement costs while considering how long you intend to how the property. I haven't used or priced vinyl but have seen a resurgence in it's popularity in recent years and while I maybe wrong, I assume this is due to price. I prefer porcelain tiles because they are durable and can be individually replaced.

    As far as I know you can only ask your neighbours for half of the cost of a replacement or fence of a 'sufficient standard' so it's up to you if that suits your vision for the property or if you want to opt for something else. It's all about cost/benefit and needs above wants.

    This website may be useful if the property is in NSW:

    Dividing fences | Neighbours and the law
  3. wylie

    wylie Moderator Staff Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    If it is a timber house and value of around $300K then maybe look at vinyl planks which won't swell if water is left on them and can be replaced If necessary. I've never used them but I like what I've seen of them on renovation shows.

    If it is a lowest brick you could do the same I guess.
  4. JessicaP

    JessicaP Well-Known Member

    20th Jan, 2016
    We use the cheap laminate flooring from Bunnings for all our IPs. Easy to install, hardy and easy/cheap to replace if need be (haven't had to yet). They also look good. You can get "renovator rugs" from Bunnings as well to carpet the bedrooms but in Ipswich I would probably just stick to the floating floors throughout.

    I paint everything USA white. Working to a formula has been really helpful in all our renos. Everything A Jeremy said is bang on - remember this is not your house, it needs to be functional and practical and neutral.
  5. Ally

    Ally Member

    19th Mar, 2017
    Pls tell me how much it was
  6. beertank23

    beertank23 Well-Known Member

    16th Feb, 2016
    You can do most things yourself unless it's a specialty trade i.e electrical.

    Youtube everything - I learned how to re-bed my tile roof from youtube (combined with reading the Australian standard).