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    8th Oct, 2016

    This is Eric at RealWay Finance.

    We provide specialized mortgage broking services to property investors and home buyers. Choosing appropriate loans and structuring them correctly are critical in property investing.

    We can help you achieve your financial goals through property investing.

    Over a decade ago, we came to Australia as international students. Over the years, we have built a 4.8 million property portfolio, with over 1.6 millions of equity, managed to turn our initial $80k funds into 1.6 millions profit, that is 20 times in 8 years, by using property as investing vehicle.

    Now we want to help you to achieve what we have achieved.

    We love to speak about property investing. Give us a ring, we always keen to chat about it.

    Find us @

    捷程财讯 与您共筑梦想。

    我们为在澳投资, 置业的朋友提供信贷咨询服务. 我们以专业知识, 切身经验, 以及由衷的热忱, 竭诚帮助您, 使您在澳投资, 置业之旅如虎添翼, 事半功倍.

    便捷的流程, 独到的企划, 免费的服务

    房产投资, 自住购房 , 贷款重组

    我们帮您节省利率支出, 或是取得房产增益!

    我们免费审查您现有的全部贷款, 并告知您是否可能获得更低利率, 提取房产增益, 或者是否应该考虑更换银行或贷款方案以获得更大利益. 捷程财讯免费向您提供所有这些服务.

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