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  1. mtat

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    7th Sep, 2019
    Rational Reminder | Sensible Investing and Decision Making

    There isn't a lot of focus on academic research in the investing world (besides maybe "time in the market" and index investing, although these are probably the most important), but for those interested in getting a deeper understanding of investing and asset pricing, there aren't many resources out there better than this podcast. (except reading the underlying academic literature... but who has time for that...)

    It's also co-hosted by Ben Felix.

    Despite the huge emphasis on factors, the hosts tailor their discussions (on index investing, markets, portfolio management and investing behaviour) so that it is relevant to the average investor.

    The podcast is especially great to listen to from an Australian perspective because:
    1. It tends to break down ideas which are almost always discussed (online) from the US perspective;
    2. There are a lot of similarities between Canada and Australia (similar sector concentration, home-country bias, economy, etc.).

    I would highly recommend listening to episode 100 with (very special) guest Ken French. It explains quite a few important topics very well, whilst throwing in some key words and ideas that a beginner might not have heard of before.

    Episode 100: Prof. Kenneth French: Expect the Unexpected — Rational Reminder

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    12th Dec, 2017
    Thanks mtat. I'm a fan of Ben Felix so will be listening to this podcast. His investing pieces on YouTube are excellent.
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