Question for rental agents. re underlay wet

Discussion in 'Repairs & Maintenance' started by SueA, 26th Sep, 2016.

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  1. SueA

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    22nd Jun, 2015
    North brisbane
    Hi Guys, Have a rental at Kallangur with tenant to vacate Tuesday. Young guy got in We Clean to do bond clean. We happened to be there yesterday doing few repairs to outside. We heard water running into downstairs, looked up and saw cleaner with garden hose cleaning bathroom window tracks from inside:eek: called to tenant to stop him and dry the freakin floor . Hour or so later heard water again, flew up the stairs into house and cleaner had hose cleaning toilet room .Water was 2 cm deep on floor and he had a rolled towel trying to keep water in. He didn't speak much English but with me yelling at him got him to stop. Point is water had run out of bathroom and toilet onto hallway floor, he had an extraction machine but I know the water was through the underlay and timber and into downstairs area, lucky only concrete under.. What should I do in regards to this wet underlay. Don't want bond given back just yet in case of mould etc. may need to pull up the carpet. New tenant in next Friday. God knows, the idiot may have even cleaned the bedroom tracks like this before we got there.