Queries on PPOR and IP reno and designs

Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by Mgs4, 22nd Oct, 2015.

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  1. Mgs4

    Mgs4 Member

    11th Jul, 2015
    Hi All,

    Two quick queries.

    1. I'm looking to furnish a three bed inner Sydney apartment to then self manage the rental of the respective rooms in the property. I'm also looking to furnish the living room etc. I'm look to pick up some lightly pre-owned furniture, demo furniture, can anyone recommend any particular resource or location for reasonably price such furniture in Sydney?

    2. Additionally I'm looking to move into a new PPOR where the apartment was previously rented for a long time and has undergone a good deal of wear and tear. I'm looking at taking out the old carpet and replacing with polished wooden floorboards, the whole place needs a new paint job and other bits and pieces. Again can anyone recommend a particular service provider or ball park figure as to what this might cost?

    Appreciate all assistance.