Purchase of very very small blocks of land

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by The rogue Orca, 21st Jan, 2020.

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  1. The rogue Orca

    The rogue Orca New Member

    21st Jan, 2020
    I wanted to approach farmers and ask if they would be interested in selling off tiny blocks of land for example 2 square metres.
    And with the land I'd like to auction it off as a way to raise money to support farmers in drought stricken parts of Australia.
    It's just an idea at the moment but I'd like to get any expert advice on what can and will go wrong with something like this?
  2. Archaon

    Archaon Well-Known Member

    20th Mar, 2017
    Minimum lot requirements?
    You can't subdivide, so is the ownership symbolic only?
    Owners of 2m2 wanting their interest to be registered on the title?
    Owners of land wanting proceeds from sale, etc?
    Creditors having issue?
  3. Paul@PAS

    [email protected] Tax, Accounting + SMSF + All things Property Tax Business Plus Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Many farms arent personally owned - Trusts etc. I would think most property owners would see more concern than any benefit. They would be wary of city people impacting their life and taking their farm etc. Lenders and Govt may have serious concerns. eg primary production exemptions issues and concessions. Centrelink support etc

    Sponsoring a farmer / farm may have more merits and less legal concerns. eg Issuing small allotments of sponsorship for a pool of people to each donate to assist a farm. But it wont likely be a deductible gift where the funds raised through donations may. Also while may own the farm A & B may be sharefarmers. Who are you helping - The farmer or the landowner ?