Property Development Tip 4: Timelines!

Discussion in 'Development' started by Be Developer, 11th Dec, 2015.

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  1. Be Developer

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    19th Jun, 2015
    Property Development Tip 4: Timeline.

    House and Land Package:

    1-8 Months for Land Registration (if not registered already)

    1-3 Months for Plan Approval & Builder’s Quote

    3-8 Months for Build Process (lesser for single story, higher for Double story)

    Approx. Total time: 12 Months

    Duplex/Multi Unit/Townhouses /Villa Development (Under 5 units)

    3-6 Months for Plans and Permit approval (Can be more)

    2 months for Builder’s quote /finance Approval

    1 -2 month Builder’s Preparation/ Utility connection-disconnection/demolition

    8-12 Months for Build Process

    2 months for Subdivision/Authority approval/Paper work

    Approx. Total Time: 16-24 Months

    Apartment Development (3 story – 5 story)

    5-12 Months for Plans and Permit approval

    3-4 Months for various consultants/Builder’s quote/Finance Approval

    4-8 Months for Project Marketing/ Pre-sale of required stock

    12-18 Months for Build Process

    2 Months for Subdivision/Authority approval/Paper work

    Approx. Total Time: 26- 36 Months

    Above Time lines are for guide only. It can vary subject to Authority Approval, Weather, Finance, Neighbor/Authority objections, Design constraint, Re-sale, Holidays, Material-Labor shortage, etc.

    Few things to consider while you are in process of property development:

    • Have sufficient cash to fund development for period of above time line
    • Don’t go on property/toys buying spree without consulting your broker/banker.
    • Allow time for F#$% ups , it happens all the time.
    • Be Persistent and don’t give up halfway!
    • Keep in mind –there is a solutions to every problem in world, just have to work out “W” when, where, what, etc!
    • Above all, Enjoy the Process!

    P.S we haven’t done community development project as yet, but min time lines are around 4-5 Years subject to above conditions and million other things.
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    25th Jul, 2015
    Thank you, this just came in handy!
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    25th Oct, 2015
    good post Be Developer!
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