Process of buying Commercial Properties and aftermath

Discussion in 'Commercial Property' started by Pentanol, 6th Mar, 2017.

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  1. Pentanol

    Pentanol Well-Known Member

    20th Feb, 2017
    Hi guys,
    I'm reasonably new posting here but long time lurker and have learned a lot! Just trying to get my head around buying commercial properties. Just saw the below exciting opportunities coming onto the market and obviously theres no way I have the funds to consider it but would like to one day diversify into commercial properties and wondered how people would go about things from purchasing, settling to getting tenants (residential and commercial) in initially, or getting it ready to be developed for mixed use (apartment block with shops on the bottom two or three floors) one day as currently its zoned for B3 - Commercial core? I don't have a good grasp of zoning so would like a link on where I can read up more on what you can do depending on the zoning.

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    Thanks in advance and look forward to learning more :)