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PPoR Project: Syd Townhouse make-over - advice needed

Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by Harry Marcus, 16th Oct, 2016.

  1. Harry Marcus

    Harry Marcus Member

    24th Feb, 2016
    Sydney, NSW
    Hi All,

    Long time observer, rare contributor :)

    I was hoping to get some valuable advice from you lovely PropertyChat gurus.

    In short, my wife and I are about to potentially embark on a full renovation of a 2 Bdr + 2.5 Bth townhouse in Sydney. The property requires extensive work, including new kitchen, bathrooms, potential removal of a dividing kitchen wall, in-built wardrobes / paint / floor... etc.

    I've previously micro managed such a project on an IP a couple of years ago when I had the luxury of some more time, although unfortunately my wife and I now work 60+ hours per week so need to be intelligent about this project.

    I'm estimating a budget of around 60-70k and was wondering if anyone has embarked on such a project whilst having very little time - has anyone used a project manager to manage such a renovation (do they exist?) or are we likely to pay far too much in terms of hidden margins / management costs, etc............

    If anyone can throw a bit of advice this way and/or any recommendations that'd be mostly appreciated.

    Kind regards,