Poacher turned gamekeeper changes his wealth model

Discussion in 'Share Investing Strategies, Theories & Education' started by Nodrog, 16th Jan, 2020.

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  1. Nodrog

    Nodrog Well-Known Member

    28th Jun, 2015
    Poacher turned gamekeeper changes his wealth model
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  2. willair

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    19th Jun, 2015
    ..Tomahawk creek Qld..
    Quote ..

    Let's start with a very simple fact. The ASX200 Price Index climbed from 6,802 on 31 December 2019 to 7,042 on 10 January 2020, a rise of 3.5% in 10 days.

    Not a single soul across the industry has done anything to achieve that result, their costs have not gone up by a single cent and yet most of their fee income has gone up by circa 3.5% (acknowledging that some business models use a flat annual fee).

    Is that fair? No. Is it reasonable? No. Is it under attack? Yes.

    Thanks for the link, this person sounds like someone who has enjoyed an adrenalin rush from deal making..

    Rob is now long and happily retired, and he says, “Those writing about retirees are never actually retired - the thoughts and fears are different and they change over time.”
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