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Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by BettyreadytoBuy, 10th Nov, 2019.

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  1. BettyreadytoBuy

    BettyreadytoBuy New Member

    10th Nov, 2019
    Looking to buy in Perth East Hills within the next month. Either Kalamunda, Gooseberry Hill, Maida Vale, Hazelmere, Lesmurdie, Carmel, Bickley or Walliston.
    1. Does anyone have any advice or opinions on the above suburbs? I'm interested to hear what the locals/past locals have to say.
    2. I'm very interested in a block in Lesmurdie but was wondering if there are parts of Lesmurdie that are considered less desirable than others? Are there good and nad pockets?
    3. There is a new estate in Walliston that is approximately 500m from 3x TV towers. Does anyone know if they pose a health risk? Or are likely to be converted to 5G towers in the future?
    Thank you. Any opinions or advice is welcome.
  2. Westminster

    Westminster Tigress at Tiger Developments Business Member

    13th Jun, 2015
    If you are looking to build one of the important things to consider in any of those suburbs is what the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) is for those blocks and how much that will increase construction costs and clearing requirements of the block so it can be built upon.

    I suspect 5G will be going up anywhere and everywhere as it rolls out. Initially it's just a Telstra roll out so any current Telstra owned towers in the areas will have 5G put on them. Next to the other providers will roll out their 5G on their towers. I've not heard anything bad about tv towers and they are often within quite dense areas.

    Join a few local area FB pages like Hills Magic
    Security Check Required - have a good read through see if you can a better feel for the area and even post up some questions of the locals.
  3. Jess Peletier

    Jess Peletier Mortgages, Finance & Property Strategy Aust Wide Business Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Perth WA
    Hi Betty!
    Are you buying a home or investment?

    Re the powerlines, they can cause issues with funding and resale so just bear that in mind when weighing up your options. The fact that you're asking questions about health risks is the same thing that will turn a lot of buyers off, regardless of whether they do or don't!

    Also if you're looking to build, bear in mind that if the ground is sloping or rocky, siteworks can cost you a fortune.
  4. Chomp

    Chomp Well-Known Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    None of the above but I lived in Mahogany Creek for a while which is a nice area, Glen Forrest and Darlington have good reputations as well.