Perth - Driveway paving recommendations

Discussion in 'Landscaping' started by SaberX, 1st Dec, 2015.

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  1. SaberX

    SaberX Well-Known Member

    29th Jun, 2015
    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has any particular paving company to recommend that service south of the river in Perth.

    I'm looking to quote on taking out my driveway, pathway and portico, as well as crossover from the builder in order to facilitate the installation of third party soakwells after handover. The soakwells are being quoted at nearly 5.8k for 4 of them and i think third parties do about 3.5k + GST, so there's significatn savings.

    At this stage it seems brikmakers themselves quote around $70-75,2 for supply and install of their vistapave 60 granite pavers (tundra) for example. All others seem to quote around this much too. Is this a fair price?

    GIven the credit back for the driveway, pathway to portico, and portico itself is only around 1.1k or so for a 35.3 m2 area, I'm thinking of leaving the brikmakers vistapave 60 granite tundra in for these but doing the crossover myself. As they've quoted 1.9k for a crossover of 17.3m2 which seems pretty dear.

    Is this pretty standard price for a crossover? I believe some suppliers have mentioned you may need a bobcat in for digging , and may cost more if adding road base to underneath for council spec crossovers. Is this a legal requirement though - will be building in Piara Waters which comes under City of Armadale?

    Will one run into problems ordering the same pavers for the crossover seperately - can they vary quite hideously to the ones that they'll use for the driveway?

    Thanks for any recommendations