Owner builder renovation - is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by Tinaandalex, 16th Jun, 2016.

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  1. Tinaandalex

    Tinaandalex Well-Known Member

    11th Aug, 2015
    Melbourne VIC
    Hi All,

    We've recently bought an old house and are planning to do some renovation including putting in an extra sunroom and a new bathroom. I understand that building approval is required and we can engage a builder for the whole project or opt for owner builder.

    From what I heard there's will be some cost saving yet extra paperwork/certificate when selling with owner builder option but without actually going through the whole process, I don't have much idea of how hard/costly it will be and if it's worth the saving with owner builder option.

    Can someone who has done renovation before share the pros and cons of each option esp the cons of owner builder from re-sale perspective if we'd like to sell the house in the next couple of years?

    Thanks heaps


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