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Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by PorkBellyLover, 8th Aug, 2016.

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  1. PorkBellyLover

    PorkBellyLover Active Member

    30th Jun, 2015
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    Hi All,

    I need some tips on choosing which outdoor lighting to install at home, a single story, single fronted home with double garage. The bricks are red and I'm planning to install the lighting all over the house, i.e. front, back and sides.

    I'm against lantern type lighting, so quite a few of my friends suggested up/down double fixed LED lighting, but they can't seem to agree on which color to choose from. Any suggestions on what color goes well with red brick wall?

    Also, does anyone know where do I buy lighting with light sensors, which will turn itself on when it starts getting dark?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. PJ1

    PJ1 Well-Known Member

    28th Jun, 2015
    Hello PBL
    I have had success with clipsal infrascan sensors wired to warm white LED down lights mounted under the eves. I chose plastic down lights so they would not corrode and after 2 years they still look like new. Cetnaj had cheap Jantek LED lights and most electrical suppliers stock the infrascan.
    Having a separate sensor allowed me to chose any light and mount it in the best possible location to pick up visitors entering my driveway.
    For your feature lights stainless or polished chrome would go with most colours .

    good luck
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