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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tony, 28th Jun, 2016.

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  1. Tony

    Tony Well-Known Member

    28th Jun, 2016
    Hi All,

    Brand new to the whole Property Investment process and am really looking for recommendations as to where to start. I am Sydney based and have not ventured too far into the game due to:

    1. Sydney market (the only one I know) appears overheated

    2. Tend to over analyse options to the point of not taking the next step.

    To this end I am considering a Buyer's Agent that can look at my situation, chart a pathway to meet my end goal and do the research, source and purchase investment properties.

    I would greatly appreciate recommendations and experiences from those with knowledge in this area. Thank you in advance

  2. Xenia

    Xenia Best Adelaide Property Manager Business Member

    21st Jun, 2015
    507 South Rd ASHFORD SA.
    Hi Tony
    All of the Sydney buyers agents here seem like awesome people.
    Try @Jake Milne, @Jacque @Chris White

    As for procrastination. There is no perfect time or perfect property so just do it and trust yourself to handle the consequences later.
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  3. Steven Ryan

    Steven Ryan Mortgage Broker Business Plus Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Sydney & Gold Coast
    Welcome to the forum @Tony :)

    You'll learn lots here so I'd encourage you to read some posts.

    A buyers agent can definitely help find a place.

    In terms of looking at your situation, and helping map a path to your goal – that's going to depend more on finance so I'd recommend reaching out to one of the great brokers on here. That's generally the first thing we do with clients.

    Once you know what you can spend, how much rent return you'll need etc, you can engage a BA to help find something in whatever state/city best suits your needs if you're not comfortable to jump on a plane and research yourself :)
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  4. Jake Milne

    Jake Milne Well-Known Member

    1st Jul, 2015
    Hi Tony, good on you for posting with such humility, you're aware of your shortfalls and not afraid to own it, so that is already demonstrating a quality needed for property investing - the ability to build a network and rely on specialists.

    Before you get hooked up on the "where to buy" question it's best if you take a step back and get planning. Strategy is always the first step in my opinion, followed by area and then asset. Most investors do it backwards, thinking of an asset, then where they can afford that asset and then as an afterthought what will they do next - which can create inefficiencies.

    Any of the good buyer's agents on Property Chat will be able to help you select the best areas and purchase investment grade (not investment stock) properties for you but without a clearly defined road map you're basically asking advocates to buy blind.

    If you only want to buy one investment property then it's probably okay to jump in and use and advocate; if you're wanting to build a passive income for later though it's critical to understand your cash surplus, your life milestones/ events, property entry points and tactics to make the whole journey more efficient.

    Happy to chat with you how you can get started with the planning side of things, or if you're just looking for an advocate to help you transact Jacque, Chris and I can all help you with that.
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