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Discussion in 'Development' started by Ardi, 23rd Aug, 2015.

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  1. Ardi

    Ardi Well-Known Member

    20th Jul, 2015
    Hi all,

    Totally new to development but very keen to get a small one off the ground. I have been looking for blocks that might suit a split or small dev and have found the following. But not having any development experience i was hoping to get a little help of some other here is possible.

    Block is 3807m and currently R1 in NSW (pic below). Not the most desired area but not the worst either, there have been a few developments in the same street with one having 16 units.
    Plan would be to renovate the existing 3br and rent out whilst going through the approval process. Build townhouses or similar, hold as many as possible.

    What are the next steps for DD? My thoughts...
    1. Talk to council to see if they would even change the zoning?
    2. With the pipes running through the centre of the block, could this easily be designed around?
    3. Who should i talk to about what can be built on that size block? Builer, town planner? Architect?
    4. What would be some rough calcs on costs associated with this kind of development?

    Block is coming up for auction in a few weeks time, so looking to do some rough numbers to get an indication on if it is viable. Any help on above or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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  2. FireDragon

    FireDragon Well-Known Member

    31st Jul, 2015
    More experienced developers will have better suggestions but here are my comments:

    1. You can talk to Council, but in general it's a very difficult task to change zoning. I wouldn't buy it based on the expectation that Council will change the zoning.

    2. Not sure what type of pipes and the size of pipes, I suggest to talk to an architect to see the impact on what you are planning to build.

    3. I will check the LEP and DCP and talk to an architect to see what can be built, but I don't think you can build townhouses on R1 zoning.

    4. There is a calculator on bedeveloper's web site which may be useful for you: