Moreton Bay Council Price Gouging on Rates Searches

Discussion in 'The Buying & Selling Process' started by RPI, 31st Jul, 2016.

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  1. RPI

    RPI Property Lawyer, Town Planner Business Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    Hi All

    We are at that time of year where all the councils raise their prices, normally cpi etc. MBRC were already the dearest in QLD at $287 for a rates search. They have now put their prices up to $450 for a simple rates search.

    BCC offers a free search to see what the balance is, MBRC does not even offer that.

    Easy money raiser as it is simply a line on some's purchase search costs but I think it is purely disgusting price gouging.
  2. SueA

    SueA Well-Known Member

    22nd Jun, 2015
    North brisbane
    Also of note was last rates. Thought it strange that 3 rates notices were all the same price. $405.30, even though all have different land values but MBRC has a minimum!!! rate amount.

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