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Monash Planning Scheme Amendment C125

Discussion in 'Development' started by miked, 2nd Jul, 2015.

  1. miked

    miked Well-Known Member

    1st Jul, 2015
    Recently we got a letter in the mail inviting comment on the rezoning of our land from GRZ2 to GRZ3. We live there now but in the long term the house is intended to be an investment.

    From a property investment perspective, to me it sounds like this will hurt the area greatly for development, insofar as building 2 units/townhouses on the one block goes.

    But on the other hand, does it make the house more valuable from a scarcity perspective?
    Anyone's experience/knowledge in the area with something like this would be great.

    From the Monash website:
    Some of the key changes proposed to the residential development standards applying to new development in the General Residential Zone 3 (GRZ3) are briefly summarised below and include:

    • Requiring garages and carports to be setback 1 metre behind the front of a dwelling
    • Requiring any development built on a side boundary to be setback 2 metres behind the front of the dwelling
    • Decreasing the maximum building site coverage from 60% to 40%
    • Increasing onsite permeability from 20% to 40%
    • Requiring the planting of 2 canopy trees
    • Increasing the rear setback from 1 metre to 5 metres
    • Requiring that the private open space for a dwelling includes one parcel of 60m2
    In more detail:
    • GRZ 3 Schedule:
    • GRZ 2 Schedule: