QLD Moggill Suburb

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by Rahul, 3rd Jul, 2018.

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  1. Rahul

    Rahul Member

    22nd May, 2018
    Hi guys- how is Moggill as a Suburb, I can see it is in Brisbane Council and 22 kms away and land is very cheap? Less than 300k for more than 600 sq mtr block.

    Bus takes more than 1 hour to reach city and I know it is busy road.

    I am looking to buy land and build my first home, but need to know how is suburb, why is land cheap, I am new to Brisbane, so looking for some recommendations.

    Also, I have looked at land options at Stockland Pallara, Hemmant, Mango Hill.

    Stockland Pallara, Hemmant, Mango Hill have some pricey land and I am not sure where to look for if I look for appreciation in future.

    Hemmant has land in range of 400k for 400 sq mtr block. Any reviews for here too.

    Let me know your reviews as I am very confused and looking to buy as soon as I can.

    Thanks for any response.
  2. Tom Rivera

    Tom Rivera Property Manager Business Member

    1st Jul, 2015
    South East Queensland
    Moggill is an absolutely GORGEOUS area and a real secret gem! Low land prices are caused by a predominance of flooding and poor access. If you don't mind the commute, I couldn't recommend it any higher.

    Pallara is pretty well the last large and usable parcel of land left in the Brisbane Council, so if you value being in BCC with a brand new home- it's a great pick.

    Mango Hill is being really banged on about at the moment, so there has to be some reason for it, quite a bit going on up that way (e.g. new university).

    Hemmant has got to be a gold mine! Sure it's all dirty and industrial now, but there's only so much land left between Brisbane and the ocean. I think anywhere in that direct coastal corridor is a solid buy.

    All in all, not a dud between them. Sorry I couldn't help you rule any out!