ACT Looking for IP in Perth Under $550K

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by MSD2022, 5th Sep, 2022.

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  1. MSD2022

    MSD2022 Member

    5th Sep, 2022
    All, this is my first post as a member.
    I am looking for an IP in Perth for my super.
    My budget is between $400-$550K.
    Looking for a block with a minimum size of 750sqm with the potential for sub-division where the zoning is appropriate.
    I read certain suburbs in Perth are undergoing being rezoned.
    I called the City of Gosnells to understand their plan to rezone and that gave me a much better idea on the R20, R40, R60, R80 zoning.
    The main criteria I have been assessing the properties against is close to amenities/shopping, close to major transport hubs, school catchment, proximity to the beach and proximity to Perth CBD.

    Spent a few weeks researching on the following suburbs:

    1. Cannington
    2. Canning Vale
    2. Coogee
    3. Hamilton Hill
    4. Thornlie
    5. Rockingham
    6. Baldivis
    7. Spearwood

    Given, I have never visited Perth, I am completely unfamiliar with the Perth property market. Appreciate if members can share their views on my research and guide me.
  2. gach2

    gach2 Well-Known Member

    29th Jun, 2015
    Only places you would get in your budget is Thornlie (I believe thats potentially up zoning) or Rockingham. Even then it would be closer to the max of your budget than 400k

    The rest would most likely be over 550k (assuming subdivision potential - might be able to still get something in those suburbs)