Looking for Crowdfunding Manager to List a Product

Discussion in 'Starting & Running a Business' started by KenR60, 18th Jun, 2019.

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  1. KenR60

    KenR60 New Member

    18th Jun, 2019
    i’m looking for a crowdfunding company that will take a product and manage it throughout the crowdfunding period. I understand that this is the most important part that so many don’t realise and then wonder why they weren’t successful.

    A little about me and what I do. I design and create unique and personalised items. I began my business in my garage at home 4 years ago. I have now put $40,000 into this business buying specialised machinery so that I am ahead of anyone else that play in this area. I owe no one any money and own 100% of the Business. The last financial Year I had a turnover of around $80,000 so I know i’m Still a small business but at least after 4 years I am successful and in demand. I believe you can only be successful if you use others who are best in that field to help out, that’s why i’m not looking at doing the management myself. I’m best at doing what I do best and leave the rest for others.

    Send me your information and what you can do to make the Crowdfunding successfully reach its goal and if I feel you can help I will send images of what I feel will be a selling item. The Product sells for $169 Delivered and I am looking at around $16,000 as the Crowdfunding total.

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