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Discussion in 'Living Room' started by The Silver Bear, 21st Oct, 2015.

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  1. The Silver Bear

    The Silver Bear Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Just been refreshing myself on PC after a few months absence due to some domestic issues.

    Read this in the paper today and it made me think of you lot who love Logan so much (not that I know anything about the area personally):

    Panicked 10-year-old boy who smoked ICE phoned for help because he thought his heart was going to stop - after learning how to use the drug by watching his parents
    A panicked ten-year-old boy who thought his heart was about to stop called welfare workers for help after smoking ice he had stolen from his parents in Logan, Queensland.

    Damn world is falling apart.

    Hello again everyone!
  2. Truly Exotic

    Truly Exotic Well-Known Member

    21st Aug, 2015
    16.4944° S, 151.7364° W
    I was on site doing a reno with a few workers years ago, (not in logan but simi8lar enough) his step son was with him, 17 years old, dropped out/expelled from school, and hanging around the worksite and at about 5pm,

    he says "dad, is it ok if me and one of the workers go back to his place for a joint"

    my ears pricked up, however comments like this arent particularly uncommon in the area,

    and the dads response was

    "hmmmmmmmm...............ok............lets go!"

    I almost fell over laughing
  3. Angel

    Angel Well-Known Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    Paradise, Brisbane
    I didn't even know you smoked ice. I thought you snorted it.
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