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Discussion in 'Service Provider Directory' started by brettc, 30th Nov, 2015.

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    19th Jun, 2015
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    Hi all,

    I’m the National Marketing & Development Manager for EBM.

    There are so may different options for insurance associated with owning an investment property, it can be incredibly confusing. I’ve been involved with landlord insurance since 1991, at that time there were just two companies offering the cover with most insurer’s believing there was too much unknown risk. So many things have changed since then both in the risk and in what protection is available.

    Unfortunately there is probably even more risk these days than there was back in 1991 with tenants becoming a bit more savvy on how to try to beat the system, and so many cases of job losses and relationship breakdowns which even the most professional manager can do little to avoid.

    As a landlord, it is important to be aware and understand the difference in these insurance covers. If you are unsure or require further information about insurance, definitions or individual policy terms, I strongly recommend that you contact your Insurance Broker. Or feel free to throw the question at me, if it’s outside my expertise I have a load of experienced brokers I can call on for advice.

    Having developed one of the first landlord insurance policies in Australia more than 25 years ago, EBM are at the forefront of insurance for the real estate industry. EBM’s flagship product RentCover provides a range of policies which have been tailored to suit the specific needs of landlords, however it is still important to understand the terminology used to describe different products.

    Let’s face it. Insurance Product Disclosure Statements aren’t the most exciting read, but when there’s potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, it’s worth taking your time to work through the detail. I have also developed a simple eBook to help identify effective landlord insurance - whether you choose our own RentCover or a product from another company.

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    I’m more then happy to assist with any insurance-related queries you may have, and our customer service team is available to assist on 1800 661 662.