Just made $375 (risk free) in 3 minutes betting on NRL

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Ace in the Hole, 27th Jun, 2015.

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  1. Ace in the Hole

    Ace in the Hole Well-Known Member Premium Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Freaking awesome win by the Sharks tonight over the Cowboys, so I checked the futures betting on the top 8 as the Sharks are moving up the table after 3 straight wins, now in 8th place.
    They were still paying 3.75 so I smacked down $1,500 but they didn't take my bet.
    However, they allowed me to take $500 @ 3.75 then reduced the odds to 2.80.
    I could now cash out of this bet for an instant $109 profit, but will hold because the odds will drop further and increase my profit.

    Then in the next game, immediately after Parramatta beat the Dragons, I saw they were still paying a ridiculous $11 to make the 8, so lesson learned was to bet small to avoid triggering an adjustment. Got $100 on, then another $100 before they dropped the odds drastically to 4.25.
    I cashed out of these 2 bets instantly for $266 net profit.

    That's a $375 profit in 3 minutes and unless futures betting is suspended in the running, there's no reason this won't work in futures betting when teams bordering the 8 have a win and the odds aren't adjusted in time.
    Could work for other codes as well.
    Only works with Sportsbet's Cash Out bets.
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  2. Bayview

    Bayview Well-Known Member

    22nd Jun, 2015
    Inside your device
    From my observation - and well done on that particular bet - but betting agencies (as far as I know) are only there to make money (for them).
  3. pinkboy

    pinkboy Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Brisbane, Qld
    Arbitrage betting is the ultimate risk free betting. You have your work cut out for you though, scouring multiple agencies all the time for actual 'arbs'. Can be done, and I mostly find 1-2% winners, but the odd 5% comes along where you bet a reasonable amount making sure your bet is not so odd that the bookie detects what you're doing.

    Good luck.

  4. willair

    willair Well-Known Member Premium Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    ..Milford Track NZ..
    There was a bloke living outside Bryon-Bay,who used to be a slim tea salesman on the gold coast that had a site that for XXk upfront and 24/7 updates depending on how much you drop on the table was talking those net profits but on larger numbers,but I think he may be in the remand section now..
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