Junior Traineeships in Law

Discussion in 'Living Room' started by RPI, 27th Jul, 2015.

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  1. RPI

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    19th Jun, 2015
    Just putting it out there in case anyone knows of any young Brisbanites looking for work in law, administration (largely property focused in their first year).

    I have 2 x positions full time start asap.

    Certificate II in Business Administration (Legal)
    We pay all training fees and they complete their study at work no need to do anything at home.
    They need to complete the 12 months before they turn 21 but am happy for them to be as young as 16.
    I have no interest in what their grades where in school. Do want to see that they have worked before, McDonalds, supermarkets or the family business are great. I find even lawyers who have come out of uni that have never had to work before are not great employees.

    Also a fan of them having played sport through their teenage years, no need to be superstars. Shows commitment and team skills.

    Pay is award and they work a 9 day fortnight. They learn lots in a very busy legal practice.

    If you know anyone please have them email me a cover letter and a resume [email protected].
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