Is your preference affected by the virus?

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by np999, 30th May, 2020.

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  1. np999

    np999 Well-Known Member

    12th Sep, 2017
    When chatting to friends/colleagues the past week, a few interesting topics came up:

    [1] do you want to live near the city or in the suburbs?
    - city - don't need to rely on public transportation, can walk to or ride a bike to work
    - suburbs - For folks who can (mostly?) work from home, there is no point paying higher prices for a place close to the CBD, may as well buy a larger and quiet place.

    [2] do you want to live in a house or a high rise apartment?
    - house - no need to share the elevator with other residents, less chance to get infected
    - apartment - convenient, and cheaper than before

    [3] do you want to live in a big city like Syd/Melb or a smaller one such as Gold Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle etc?
    This was only raised by folks who are about to retire and contrary to what I thought, they all said prefer to stay put (i.e in Sydney or Melbourne), mainly due to existing networks of people they know, but also amenities.

    For me, before this virus thing, I'd been considering apartments in suburbs closer to the CBD (e.g Green Square, Mascot or Alexandria), but starting to feel undecided now.