Is Fear Stopping You? + NSW South Coast Plug

Discussion in 'Investor Psychology' started by SK Investments, 26th Nov, 2015.

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    1st Jul, 2015
    Wherever the wind takes me, currently Brisbane
    I received an email from one of our forum business members, Matt Knight from Precium @BuyersAgent, and wanted to share some of the content as It is very relevant to buyers at the moment.

    I'd also like to take the opportunity to praise Matt for the hard work and effort he has put in over the last 2 years to establish his business and for the excellent service that he provides to his clients.

    I've removed the sales pitch but there is a limited offer available for those that may be Interested in using his services.

    "....(In discussions with potential and existing clients) something came up I didn't expect.

    People told me they are scared right now.

    Media scaremongering and the slowing of the Sydney market have people afraid of a massive market crash. I don't blame people, it's complicated trying to filter what information to listen to when making informed choices.

    So... let me set the record straight:

    Whilst nobody has a crystal ball, in terms of regional and south coast markets, I have NO current concerns of a crash, bubble or overpricing.

    In fact, I was contact twice in the last few months by YIP Magazine for my thoughts, which are published below in print:


    The summary is that I believe the ripple is an opportunity, not something to be afraid of.

    Coupled with infrastructure growth, population increases meaning current low vacancy rates, and falling stock levels, means a great time to consider buying.

    Matt Knight - Buyer's Agent "

    Happy Buying

  2. BuyersAgent

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    19th Jun, 2015
    Wow thanks SK - the comments in the email had a context but yes I had been picking up a general fear of investing from some of the first time buyers - probably not so much on the forum here as most folk are more technical and educated so less likely to be influenced by sentiment. But it holds true, sydney dwellers have had their confidence shaken and some of them are so sydney centric that they can't see anywhere else doing well which in my view is a mistaken logic.

    I actually got a call from a young mum this morning say thanks for the email about fear as it was exactly what she had been feeling. Its nice when words empower someone and get them to engage their brain thus thinking beyond their subconscious emotions.

    Also thanks for the kind words it was a pleasure helping you on the first 2 and I know you have a lot more purchases in you mate. One to watch!
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