If you wanted to relocate would you sell and wait or wait and sell?

Discussion in 'The Buying & Selling Process' started by DrunkSailor, 20th Apr, 2020.

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  1. DrunkSailor

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    25th Jun, 2017
    Given the current market conditions, what would be the safest strategy at the moment? You could sell now at a reduction and sit on the sidelines waiting for the right property to relocate to but the inner Melbourne apartment market can be quite volatile and turn on a dime. The market is soft right now but could easily recover if sentiment turns around.

    The other option would be to wait until you have your next purchase lined up so you’re not stuck on the sidelines for months stressing about the market. The risk of course is if the market gets worse you’ll lose even more money on your sale and that’s if you have a buyer at all.