Housing costs one vs dual vs row

Discussion in 'Development' started by investor37, 24th Jun, 2016.

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  1. investor37

    investor37 New Member

    24th Jun, 2016
    We've been looking into a development opportunity on our 1050sqm property and Council regulations will allow three houses.

    We wanted to know the reduction in costs with a 3 row house in one project, vs a dual project, vs a single house in terms of construction and landscaping.

    Take an advertised single house for $130k + (???? Landscaping and extras), how much reduction would we expect to see for the other two options?

    **This is our first development. And we are undecided whether to knock down or retain. If we retain, we think it could cost us 15-20k to repair roof, garden, carport, paint etc. Bathroom and kitchen have already been renovated
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