Holding costs - townhouse development

Discussion in 'Development' started by wombat777, 30th Sep, 2016.

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  1. wombat777

    wombat777 Well-Known Member Premium Member

    18th Jun, 2015
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    A couple of scenarios for you as I need some inputs for cashflow modelling.

    What are the anticipated statutory/govt and strata, body corporate holding costs for a 5 townhouse development once constructed and titled. Considering 2-level townhouses built over garage and hence no lift.

    Scenario 1: 5 townhouses constructed and retainedin portfolio after construction
    Scenario 2: 5 townhouses constructed, 3 townhouses retained in portfolio, 2 sold

    Assume no complex maintenance issues for both ( i.e. no lifts, no hydraulics ).

    What are the anticipated additional cost if lifts, hydraulics ( pumps ) and fire systems are needed?

    Are body corporate costs charged on a per-dwelling basis? Are they typically apportioned based on sizes of the dwellings?
  2. Cactus

    Cactus Well-Known Member

    18th Jan, 2016
    A QS would be best to advise your life cycle coatings.

    A surveyor can advise you the different methods of applying lot liabilities. But if they all have the same useage needs and rights to the common property than you can make a case for size or equal allocation of liability IIRC.