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  1. Last week NSW Planning (agreeing also with advice from Hills Shire) rejected a substantial proposed high density apartment dev in Kellyville (off President Rd) outside the NW Metro corridor on the grounds that the new corridor was intended to limit higher density solely to those immediate areas.

    This was the first case of its kind following the proposed changes to the corridor announced just a few months ago. This provides a sign that the new corridor will comprise significant development restructions. It means that Council and State Govt have clearly signalled that high density and high rise apartments will only be permitted adjacent to the railway stations. (ie The Old Windsor Rd and Windsor Rd corridor. This is to align with public transport etc

    Many developers have applied for DA's in the Kellyville area around Windsor Rd and Green Road (under widening / construction) and also in the Showground Rd and Bella Vista precinct. And this outcome is intended to signal that existing medium density will continue to be approved provided existing street character is retained. In my discussion with Council on Thursday I was told they intend to reject applications for high rise and high density outside these areas.

    For the homes in the vicinity of the Showground Station area this probably enhances their likely sale "in a row" for the $60m the 20 homeowners are asking. Department of Planning and Environment - Showground Station
    But for others bordering these homes it may be a problem.
  2. The_good_life

    The_good_life Active Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    Interesting, Is this the vacant land (houses were demolished) some time ago on the corner of president/Windsor?

    The approvals seem to be all over the place though at the moment.

    There is a lot of development happening on the other end of President road (Not really high rise but lots and lots of apartments/townhouses)
    Like this..