High St retail vacancies - investor strategy?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategy' started by Clive Palmer's Yacht, 24th Nov, 2019.

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  1. Clive Palmer's Yacht

    Clive Palmer's Yacht Well-Known Member

    23rd Apr, 2019
    Hi just curious as where I live, there's an increasing amount of vacant retail premises along a traditional style high street which was formerly well utilised..there's no redevelopment angle due to heritage controls.

    I understand that - in theory - a commercial landlord will prefer to live with vacancies rather than reduce rent to fill the spot faster (or retain a tenant) since this preserves the property's capital value. Further, that loss mitigation may be available from negative gearing.

    ..However, in this day and age, I suspect most banks will haircut a valuation on paper where the property has not been able to sustain an actual yield. Moreover, a would-be purchaser in most cases would take a similar view where that property has lain empty for an extended period (and others nearby have).

    So why would a rational commercial investor seek unsustainable rent/rent growth under these circumstances where there's no redevelopment angle?