High Level Feasibility Calculator Review & Thoughts

Discussion in 'Development' started by BKRinvesting, 5th Nov, 2015.

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    15th Oct, 2015
    Blue Mountains, NSW
    Hi all,
    A while ago I built myself a standard buy and hold property investment calculator/assessment tool in excel.

    As I am looking to move into property development I decided to rejig it to be a high level cost/benefit feasibility assessment tool. I realise that there are third party tools & software that already exist that perform this, however I would like to refine this one as a first point of call for 2 reasons:
    1) I cannot justify a $1000 software outlay just yet, and more importantly,
    2) I learn by doing - refining this one will help me understand any areas where I am making initial mistakes with my assumptions.

    As such, if any of you have a chance, do you mind having a look/play with the high level feasibility tool (found here: Dropbox - Feasibility Assessment ). Any suggestions/thoughts are appreciated.

    A few parameters for understanding the sheet:
    1) Calculated fields are blue, and input fields are orange. (There a few automated calcs on the front and hidden sheets).
    2) The sheet calculates 3 possible loans:
    a) Purchase loan
    b) Construction loan
    c) Existing equity withdrawal to cover other costs (as indicated using the Loan/Capital column).
    3) Assumes the Develop and Sell scenario. Develop and Hold is not yet built.
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