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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mel Saberi, 12th Feb, 2016.

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  1. Mel Saberi

    Mel Saberi New Member

    12th Feb, 2016
    Hello everyone, my name is Mel and I'm excited for joining this forum/group.

    I am technically a Geomatics Engineer (land surveyor) but I have been working in and with the real estate industry in Australia since 2005.

    As technology advances new devices come into the market that helps engineers, architects, real estate agents and eventually property buyers or sellers with what they need to know before they decide to buy/sell or even consider a specific property.

    The latest technology I am directly involved with is called Virtual Reality which is in essence experiencing being somewhere without actually being there. An interactive walk-through showcase in a property just like a video game.

    I am here to discuss the potentials, applications, benefits and out falls of this technology in the Australian real estate and property market and I would be more than happy to have your feedback.

    I do appreciate that you understand my activity here is primarily for personal purposes as I do love the AR/VR concept and I do not necessarily promote my business although I would naturally be educating the market and increasing awareness around the concept.

    Please check out this video for a better insight into who we are and how this trending technology is bringing the traditional photos and videos in life.