NSW Gosford - Suburb profile

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by Sigemup, 12th May, 2019.

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  1. Sigemup

    Sigemup Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2019
    Hi guys,

    I want to understand the profile for Gosford - central coast in NSW. Is it a suburb from where many commute to Sydney or does it have its own industry ?

    Is it worth investing in Gosford in a 2 bed Unit 10 minutes walk from Gosford station for around $425,000.

    I am looking on the flat area because when I went there to check how the suburb is, some of them like John Whiteway driv were quite steep to get to. Hence looking closed to CBD of the town.

    Thank you
  2. bmc

    bmc Well-Known Member

    18th Oct, 2015
    Gosford, commonly known as Mt Druitt by the sea or Heaven's waiting room.
    Not much in the way of large industry employers as far as i know, maybe health services ?
    mainly a commuting hub for the masses to Sydney for work, lots of empty businesses in the CBD. Govt's have tried to revitalise the CBD, but it hasn't really taken off.
  3. VB King

    VB King Well-Known Member

    8th Jul, 2015
    St Marys
    I live close to Gosford & invest in Gosford - like you are looking at, 2/3 bed units.

    Yes there are a lot of commuters (try and park at the station after 7am), it’s about an hour to Central. Hornsby by freeway in under 30 minutes.

    I believe long term the fundamentals of the area will continue to improve attractiveness;
    - commutability - joining M1 to M2 - almost done
    - infrastructure - hospital expansion, waterfront upgrade - work in progress
    - jobs growth - state & federal (ATO) jobs being relocated to Gosford
    - growing population

    The area has lifestyle - think proximity to beaches & recreation, family friendly.

    For mine - the area has a good mix of drivers that will continue to make it more attractive for Owner Occupiers (Price Makers) ... for the benefit of Investors (Price Takers).

    Best of luck with your search.