GF in Sydney - seeking pre-property-purchase written assurance

Discussion in 'Granny Flats' started by noviceInvestor1, 19th Feb, 2020.

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  1. noviceInvestor1

    noviceInvestor1 Well-Known Member

    22nd Oct, 2018
    I am planning to buy a property in Sydney with the intention of building a GF.

    I understand the basic requirements myself (min 450m2, 900mm and 3m distance from fence etc), however how can I get any sort of legally binding assurance/written guarantee that a GF will be allowed and approved by Council on the property I am considering to buy, before I buy it?

    I recently visited one of the major builders in Western Sydney (a one-stop-shop) and they said that they couldn't provide any such guarantees (whilst they're happy to do all preliminary checks on the property to assess its suitability for a GF).

    Is there anybody that offers such a service?

    Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  2. Archaon

    Archaon Well-Known Member

    20th Mar, 2017
    I believe you also need a minimum frontage of 12m.

    You can read the AHSEPP 2009

    Not sure anyone can give you a binding guarantee, but if you engage a GF builder (usually involves a few thousand for initial plans etc, than the design they produce should comply with their certifier under a CDC (complying development) and council wont really have a say in the matter.

    AHSEPP was designed to address affordable housing and supersedes council restriction.

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  3. Propertunity

    Propertunity Well-Known Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    .....that'd be the rear fence and personally I'd make it 4m and use that space to satisfy the open space requirements at the same time.

    Yeah, no-one will guarantee you anything pre-purchase, or post-purchase for that matter. All you can do is either know the AHSEPP inside out out go to any of the granny flat builders who can give you a tick list that says it is either going to work or what will work but cost you more ie. side access past the front house to get construction machinery in (or cost to crane over initially and then crane back out). Or land that slopes to the road (ideal) for storm-water to run to the street Or if land slopes to rear then cost to build an absorption pit or cost to tap into a neighbour's storm-water easement....etc.

    Also check the position of sewer (so you don't have to dig up and encase in concrete to build over). The 149 certificate will also note if affected by bush-fire (BAL levels) or flood. Theses normally won't be available as a CDC but may get across the line via a DA process (not ideal with no guaranteed outcome).
  4. RenegadeDom

    RenegadeDom Well-Known Member

    22nd Feb, 2016
    Get in contact with a town planner who will at least be able to provide advice on the purchase with regards to CDC or DA approval. CDC is always preferred option as can be 2 week turnaround from approval to commencement of construction without requirement for neighbour notification.
  5. Scott No Mates

    Scott No Mates Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Sydney or NSW or Australia
    Put an option on the contract of sale subject to the vendor achieving a DA/CC for a granny flat.

    If they can't achieve that, the contract will fall over.

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