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Discussion in 'Money Management & Banking' started by Jess Peletier, 29th Apr, 2019.

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  1. Jess Peletier

    Jess Peletier Mortgages, Finance & Property Strategy Aust Wide Business Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Perth WA
    Hi Friends!

    I've been busy the last few months creating a free budgeting and money-management course and we've recently launched which is a bit exciting!

    The whole focus is on building a strong foundation - despite my work revolving around investors, it's surprising to me how many people don't have any kind of system in place to make sure their money is really doing what it should.

    Even for me personally, once I knew the bills were paid it was easy to not worry too much because there was always enough - this led to some sloppy spending habits and a lack of focus on the real goals.

    We didn't put anything in place to MAKE it happen because we knew we had a decent income and just sort of assumed it would automatically take care of itself.

    So when I redid my own system I figured I might as well share it with the world and see if anyone else needed some help to go through everything and tighten their lives up. :)

    If you're interested yourself, or know of anyone who could benefit from something like this, please check it out below!

    Find out more here!
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  2. Jess Peletier

    Jess Peletier Mortgages, Finance & Property Strategy Aust Wide Business Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Perth WA
    Hi all!

    You know the free online budgeting program we're running...I just wanted to let you know it's not going to be free much longer.

    If you haven't signed up yet, or if you haven't shared it with a friend who you know could really benefit from it, now is the time!

    As of next month, we'll be retailing this course for $497 - still a HUGE discount on what you'll pay your financial planner for the same info...but obviously a lot more expensive than free ;)

    When did you last have a thorough look at your own numbers?

    Your own finances are the foundation of any investment, and if your personal money isn't on point you really have to ask yourself, "Why not?"

    Sloppy finances can undermine the most amazing investment strategy, particularly now with the detail the lenders are looking at living expenses.

    It can be confronting, and it can bring up a whole lot of crap you simply don't want to deal with - whether it's getting face to face with your spending habits or making the time to really nut out your goals and make them happen.

    One of two things happen when you don't deal with your crap...

    You either get used to living with it, and discard the dream of living your ideal, crap-free life, OR

    It just piles up, and gets bigger and smellier... and ... (Ew!)

    Now, if you're doing pretty well, and think you're all good because your bills are paid... paying the bills is great but it's not enough.

    When we know we're in a position for our big goals to come to fruition, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking it's inevitable....but it's NOT!

    I have a friend called Adam. He's a stubborn bugger and always know best - we've all got a friend like that, right?

    Anyways, he wants to retire at 50, and as someone who earns earns big dollars (and I mean BIG dollars), he's certainly in a position to make some major headway toward that goal.

    You'd think retiring at 50 would be a sure thing!


    He burns through his cash like no tomorrow, his home loan is on a fixed rate (meaning very limited extra repayments) and has consumer debt for things like flash cars.

    He has a wish, not a goal.

    It's super important to be really clear on if what you think are your goals, are actually wishes.

    With a few tweaks and some guided direction, Adam could be living his dream life, free from the stress of his high powered work environment in just 10 years, but without some focused attention....well...

    If you're not purposefully directing your money to the major, life-changing goals and dreams you have, they simply won't happen, so don't think this is just a 'budgeting' course - it's actually a heap more than that. :)