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Discussion in 'Property Management' started by ACH123, 19th Dec, 2019.

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  1. ACH123

    ACH123 Active Member

    7th Jun, 2019

    On behalf of my parents who’s searching for a good PM for three properties in Gosford including a boarding home.

    What are some key things to look out for in screening for a good PM?

    many thanks,
  2. Warren from Geelong

    Warren from Geelong Active Member

    22nd Nov, 2019
    Look at their advertising online - that's a good place to start to see some quality. Then, Google their business names and look the google reviews - do the same on Facebook. Beyond that, if you feel like you can trust them, then they are probably good. The best won't be cheap, however, as many agents will drop the fees for three properties, whereas a good PM will know that three properties shouldn't really "earn" a discount because they require the same amount of work and resources as if they were three properties owned by three landlords. Just remember, PM is a service industry and better people will do a better job with your hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of asset - so choose the best people :)
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  3. Mel Morgan

    Mel Morgan Sydney Property Manager Business Member

    6th Jun, 2017
    Over the years I've found the best agencies are the ones where the director or licensee are directly involved in the property management division. This provides a level of care and accountability not seen in larger sales focused agencies.

    We also have a 'checklist' on things to look out for to choose an agent
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  4. Michelle Evans

    Michelle Evans Well-Known Member

    18th Oct, 2017
    Bacchus Marsh
    See if you're talking to the person who will manage your property, or, if you're talking to a BDM or the Sales Agent owner who is trying to list you, then pass your properties onto someone you don't know / haven't met before. Also ask how long the property manager has been there for. High staff turn over is a bit of an indicator on something not quite right with the property management division in an agency (good property managers stick around / really like looking after their portfolio and clients - but not every agency takes the time to recruit good staff or support them).
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