Dual Occupancy (aux. unit) with dwelling size more than 100m2 - HELP

Discussion in 'Development' started by Yeah, 26th Jan, 2016.

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  1. Yeah

    Yeah New Member

    26th Jan, 2016
    Hi All,

    We have an acreage in emerging community zone currently has a house (rented out) in Logan city council area.

    We are investigating the possibility of adding another dwelling approx. 165m2 (moving from somewhere else)

    As we are not living there right now but would like to move over there in the future which will also allow other family members to live in the second dwelling as well.

    From checking online, it won’t be “self-assessable” since the size is 165m2.

    We know the granny flat is not possible as the GFA limit is 100m2.

    Is dual occupancy (aux. unit) the only option? Code or Impact assessable?

    What is the best solution for our situation for now and future?

    Now - owner not staying in the property

    Future – owner will move in and either rent the 2nd house out or ask family member to move in.
  2. Tim & Chrissy

    Tim & Chrissy Well-Known Member

    5th Dec, 2015
    @Navid H Guia might have a few suggestions, at the last meet up he mentioned to us that garages, storage spaces and some other areas can be in addition to the max GFA
  3. SK Investments

    SK Investments Well-Known Member

    1st Jul, 2015
    Wherever the wind takes me, currently Brisbane
    You may be allowed as a dual occ rather than aux unit. Check the rules on this for your land.
  4. Biz

    Biz Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Investard county
    Hi Yeah, pretty sure you will be able to build a second dwelling 165m2 but it will be classed as duel occ so you get hit with the big nasty contribution fee (28k I think) which Aux unit escapes.
  5. SimonKia

    SimonKia Active Member

    8th Jul, 2015
    Brisbane Southern Subs
    Dual occupancy doesn't let you rent each one individually nor even give your two separate addresses.

    So basically unless you are very sure you and family will occupy both houses for a long time, it's a complete money waste.

    Dual occupancy is extremely hard to sell. No one wants to buy two houses that have one title and can't legally be rented individually.

    Dual occupancy axillary unit has much more requirements than just 100sqm. The big ones are 2 bedrooms max, 1 living room max and 1 kitchen max. Plus, even if you go for code or impact assessment, You will need a good explain as to how and why the second house is going to be low rent to achieve the goal of low affordable residence that axillary unit was put in for.

    I don't know what emerging community zone is, but I'm guessing that means no subdivision?