Dual Income Build

Discussion in 'Investment Strategy' started by Andrewtfarr, 18th Aug, 2016.

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  1. Andrewtfarr

    Andrewtfarr Active Member

    3rd Nov, 2015
    Sydney, NSW
    Hey Guys,

    Am approaching my servicing limits so was considering buying land between the beaches and brisbane and building a dual income SINGLE dwelling (3/2/1 and 1/1/1 or something similar). I was considering a duplex build to give me a smaller risk profile with exit strategy (ie can sell one if need be) but seems a duplex will be about 100k more in build costs and my strategy is not to sell. This will effectively be the cash flow property of my otherwise capital growth targetted portfolio.

    The idea is to gain roughly 7.5%+ (gross) yield to help bump my serviceability along and think I can get one done with about 50k of equity throughout the build phase.

    Keen to understand who has done something similar, anything to look out for, pitfalls gotcha's etc etc. I still have a lot more research to do in terms of suburb DD and put together my cost estimates so still only early days and would be great for any experience people have gained or suggestions to help move things along.

    As always, thanks for your time and input!