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    DT Property Management's main mission is to take responsibility and accountability to a new level. It was setup by investors for investors and was founded on the basis that it would be the number one choice for property investors in South Australia.

    Property management is our specialty and sole function; you’ll never have to worry about our priorities being shared with a sales or auction department. We operate throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area, allowing you to keep your entire portfolio under one roof.

    It was founded by David who has been an investor himself for several years, thus knowing the demands of rental properties. David has been a long time contributor to Somersoft since 2003 and more recently, one of the 1st to join and support Property Chat. He draws from his experience at SA's best regarded real estate agencies to utilise the best systems and processes available to streamline your property management experience.

    How we're different:
    - Property Management is all we do so you never need to worry about playing second fiddle to a sales or auction department, getting the focus you deserve.
    - We have a communication guarantee with set time frames to return people's calls and emails. Poor communication has been the number one complaint about PMs all over Australia!
    - All the people involved in the business are investors, renovators or developers themselves so we've been there and done that and have skin in the game.
    - We use a simplified fee structure that's competitive and easy to understand. We charge an all inclusive management rate as we don't believe in charging extra for routine inspections, monthly administration or annual tax statements.
    - Service. Everyone says this but few actually know what it entails as well as we do. We pride ourselves on being a leader in this field.

    We provide Property Management services to:
    - Local and interstate investors of Adelaide residential rental property
    - Investors of Adelaide NRAS properties
    - Strata Management and Commercial Property Management coming soon.

    Index for Tenancy Tip Thursday, which is a weekly column submitted by David for the benefit of the investing community:
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Rental Bonds
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Appliance Manuals
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Entering the property
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Notice to end a lease
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Strata / Community title
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Tenant has done a runner
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Tenant Databases
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Rent Raising Requirements
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Who pays water?
    Tenancy Tip Thursday - Owners Portals
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