Damage by sub-tenants

Discussion in 'Property Management' started by fbaby, 11th May, 2017.

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  1. fbaby

    fbaby New Member

    11th Jun, 2016
    A sub-tenant (not on the lease) has vacated leaving floor damage which will cost about $1000-$1500 and a couple of days worth of sanding work. The tenant (who has an on-going, not fixed term, lease) has informed me and has a new sub-tenant moving in right away.

    When would be the best time to repair the damage and how would I best go about reclaiming repair costs? I could seek to get the repair work done as soon as possible, despite the room not being vacant which would force the new sub-tenant out for a few days, but allow the tenant to seek costs earlier from the first sub-tenant. Or, wait until the tenant vacates sometime in the future and the keep the bond, which will probably only just cover the repair costs? Or possibly something else?

    Thanks for any advice, this has made me realise why you pay a good property manager!
  2. thatbum

    thatbum Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Perth, WA
    Get the money now, and fix the floor later if its not convenient now.
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  3. bunkai

    bunkai Well-Known Member

    26th Jun, 2015
    If you can get the money now then do so.

    I personally would also repair now as the cost/disruption is (1) over and done with and (2) linked with the event/current tenant so fair game. (3) Preserves the bond

    and I think you are bonkers to allow subletting like this. Though your head tenant is being helpful now, this is their lesson as they will almost certainly be out of pocket. Harder next time and all occupants need skin in the game.
  4. WestOz

    WestOz Well-Known Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    As when many of us were young/single, plenty of sub-letting goes on even if not approved on the lease, renting a spare room out to help cover rent, share utility costs etc (service and equipment).
    However, even if their not aware, give consequences careful consideration etc, those listed on the lease are obviously responsible for any actions/damage by their sub-tenants, which its up to them to manage.

    It's great the tenant has made you aware rather than being an issue upon outgoing inspection, however your likely to discover more damage to the floor (perhaps unintentional) in other rooms when they vacate.

    If it were me, I'd probably arrange 2 quotes, plus allow the tenant to arrange their own if they wish, agree on a price, give them the choice to have it repaired now with consideration to inconvenience, dust, fumes etc, or preferably for you get the $'s off them now, even if an agreed payment plan (their issue to get it from sub-tenant), have it done when they vacate, then at the same time have any other issues repaired including those considered "fair wear & tear" (which will be at your cost), hopefully start off a new tenancy with no damage to the floor, a clean slate.