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Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by Ben Duncombe, 15th Oct, 2015.

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  1. Ben Duncombe

    Ben Duncombe New Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Hi all,

    We have recently bought a property at Murray Bridge on a corner and have subdivided to give us a vacant block at the rear of the existing home.

    Council regulations restrict us to one dwelling (due to land size 520sqm). we would like to maximise our ROI, we have heard that it could be possible to build one dwelling but split it into two by having a conecting door that would allow us to collect two rents without having to pay for another community division.

    Does anyone have any further information they can provide as to how to acheive this or any other clever ways to boost ROI from one property?
  2. D.T.

    D.T. Specialist Property Manager Business Member

    13th Jun, 2015
    Adelaide and Gold Coast
    Murray Bridge is in Adelaide now? :p

    I think your best bet would be to build a nice 4x2x2 and rent it to a big family. It may attract a premium since most stuff is 3x1

    Check with Jim though, he's the only one brave enough to venture out there.
  3. DaveM

    DaveM Adelaide Buyers Agent & KFC Strategist Business Member

    14th Jun, 2015
    Adelaide & Sydney
    Yep hes the man on the ground there.

    I meant to go to Murray Bridge a while ago but I left my passport at home in Sydney