Health & Family COVID-19 Health - Some people may test positive to the virus even after several months

Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Gockie, 24th Apr, 2020.

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    18th Jun, 2015
    Sounds like some poor souls will sometimes test positive for the virus then negative and then positive again even after several months and the reasons aren't known.

    Some coronavirus patients are still testing positive months later and experts are not sure why - ABC News

    So... I want to know if they can still infect people around them if they are able to mix with the community. If so, then we all have a problem that won't be quickly fixed...

    I'd hope they couldn't still spread it via their breath or from coughing or sneezing etc.

    If they can no longer spread it, then brilliant, but we won't know that till we see clear evidence and it's better to assume someone is infectious until proven otherwise.... and who would want to be known as Covid-19 positive forever?

    If the person stays positive and infectious then, until a suitable vaccine is found, it may cause stigma, higher health insurance/inability to be insured, possible unlawful workplace discrimination/maybe the person will be deemed unsuitable for some jobs (eg. Cannot work in close proximity with others unless PPE is always worn)?

    But on the other hand, if they have a benign form of Covid (ie. Low/no symptoms and non transmissionable), maybe we (the people who are healthy) should try to get this form, assuming it may protect us from getting a more virulent form? Of course, the same strain may behave differently in different people so that will need to be understood first.

    Anyway, i'm glad we have low infection rates here in Australia.

    And in case you are wondering... the first course I did at uni was Biomedical science, including studies in hematology and immunology. I didn't continue with it though much past that. My work experience at a hospital pathology unit (I lasted about 2, maybe 3 days out of a full week, I didn't feel compelled to stay) and the blood bank lab** were not my cup of tea, so I'm no expert, but have some understanding of Biological science.

    **At the blood bank lab it seemed like a waste of highly educated people's time, it appeared that the work was just watching test tubes being read by machines, and the scientists were just talking about what they would cook at home etc... at least that's what I felt.
    Maybe it wasn't the right impression though, and maybe there was a lot more to it, but it really didn't feel like it.
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