Covenant in second schedule on a title search

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by htopg, 28th Jul, 2015.

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  1. htopg

    htopg Well-Known Member

    23rd Jun, 2015
    I was going through a contract of sales and I saw the following in Title Search:

    Second schedule (2 notifications)
    1. Reservations and conditions in the crown grant(s)
    2. B491769 Covenant

    After searching "Reservations and conditions in the crown grant(s)" in,

    I got the following

    Reservations and Conditions in the Crown Grant: Reservations and Conditions in the Crown Grant is a clause noted on most certificates of title in NSW. The original Crown Grant will specify what conditions the Crown imposed when it first granted the land. That original Grant may have related to a much larger parcel of land, of which the land in question was once part. If the owner or customer is interested to find out what conditions apply to their parcel of land then they will have to search back through the prior titles until they locate the original Grant. This search may require a visit to our Sydney Queens Square office.

    It seems not too worrying to me.

    I am more concerned about the covenant.
    How can I find more about a covenant?
  2. jrc

    jrc Well-Known Member

    20th Jun, 2015
    Regional NSW
    Acopy of the covenant should be with the contract. Otherwise do an online search and get a copy.