Corporate Debt and CDOs (or whatever they're called now..)

Discussion in 'Money Management & Banking' started by hammer, 15th Mar, 2020.

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  1. hammer

    hammer Well-Known Member

    26th Jul, 2010
    Anyone doing any modeling on global debt?

    I'm not talking about property - I'm talking about the bets funds and corporations use to finance themselves.

    Say a barber can't pay his rent...the landlord cops either no rent or no tenant. The landlord can't find anyone to replace the barber, so the landlord defaults...The fund who has bought the landlord's debt as bonds now can't find a buyer...and so on and so on?

    I'm no economist but surely there are"conversations" being had within the FIRE industries?

    Anyone done any modelling or is across this?
  2. CSDS

    CSDS Active Member

    25th Feb, 2017
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Yes - Jonathan Rochford from Narrow Road capital extensively analyses global debt markets.

    You can find his writing on the Livewire Markets website.

    Also did a recent podcast with the guys from Nucleus Wealth: Nucleus Wealth