Contract QLD Reno's

Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by Foreshadow, 10th May, 2022.

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  1. Foreshadow

    Foreshadow Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Hi Everyone,

    Ive recently settled on a property in QLD, that requires some decent Reno's. All up it needs

    * New Carpets
    * Alot of work on walls, patching (Holes in most walls) + full paint
    * New Blinds
    * a dozen tiles repaired on the roof
    * Numerous windows replaced
    * Replacing Shower in bathroom inc water proofing.
    * Numerous other small repairs

    I've had a all-in-one reno company recommended by my PM who has sent through a quote. I am happy with the price, and it sets out exactly what they are doing e.g number of coats, and what is being painted ect. All up the work will be over 30k.

    My question is, this is just a basic quote, they have requested a 50% deposit on start of works. Wouldn't this type of work normally require a contract of some sorts? If so what are the risks of not having a contract? Ive checked their licenses and they have both building and Painting licenses.
  2. Brissy1

    Brissy1 Well-Known Member

    25th Jul, 2018
    Their offer and your acceptance of the quote forms a contract. Just make sure you've everything clearly detailed in terms of spec, e.g. carpets - pc sum of $xx/m2, same for blinds etc.. Window types, material / quality / hardware. For the shower pc sum for tiles / sanitary ware / fittings & fixtures etc.. Have all the sundry repairs fully listed. Ideally have milestone dates or just a commencement and completion date, and also a payment schedule. As they're licenced, just check that they're licenced to undertake $30k+ projects...... Also check reviews / get recommendations as to their previous performance etc.. before engaging them.