Commercial Property Manager from Perth, WA

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by 836, 25th Jun, 2015.

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    23rd Jun, 2015
    North Perth
    Hi Everyone,

    I am Jamie and am from Perth, Western Australia.

    I have over 5 years industry experience, I am a Commercial Property Manager for The Vicus Property Group located in North Perth.
    Unlike a lot of smaller agencies, our office specializes in Commercial Management across all property categories be it Industrial, Office, Bulky Goods and Retail. We do also have a Residential Management and Sales department along with Strata Management.

    I am here to assist anyone who may have questions relating to commercial property be it sales, leasing or management, I am also happy to assist with residential and strata if need be.

    Feel free to send me a PM.

    Of course, if you or anyone you know is looking for a managing agent for your investment property I am more then happy to assist.