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NSW Byron Shire - Property Investors Networking Group (PING) meeting – Tuesday 21 Feb

Discussion in 'Networking & Meetups' started by Ethan Timor, 9th Jan, 2017.

  1. Ethan Timor

    Ethan Timor Well-Known Member

    16th Nov, 2016
    Northern Rivers NSW
    Hi all,

    Come to meet, discuss, exchange and share experience and knowledge with fellow Property Investors while benefiting from the varying skills of each other. So much fun to be had! No hard sales guaranteed.

    Three key speakers in this meeting:

    1 – “The Big Picture” (macro/wide-angle stuff):

    Byron Shire Mayor – Simon Richardson will share with us his vision and views for the years ahead.

    2 – “The Real Deal” (details of a project done by the speaker):

    Ethan Timor will detail (with photos, lessons learned and yes, ALL the figures) a recent property purchase he completed. Buy, reno, rent, hold. So much fun!

    3 – “Down to Earth” (a property related professional, such as accountant, conveyancer, builder, pest inspector etc, giving tips and info from their end):

    Jenny Tindale – From Decorate Your Real Estate will present the importance of staging and decorating your property. She will also share DIY tips that can make a huge difference in the final sale price.

    ** “If You’re Not Paying for It, You’re the Product” **

    Entry Fee (to cover costs): $10 online or $15 at the door. Cost includes GST and a complementary drink (sparkling wine or orange juice).

    To pay online, please send $10 payment to no later than 2pm on the day (21/2/17).

    Please come at 6:30pm to ensure a 7pm start.

    Only 50 seats are available.

    Event page: Northern Rivers Property Investors Networking Group

    Group Page: Northern Rivers Property Investors Networking Group

    Looking forward to seeing you there!