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  1. Simon Hampel

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    3rd Jun, 2015
    This is strictly for non-commercial trading of items.

    Rules for people posting listings:
    1. You must be a paid member (Premium or Business) to list goods for sale
    2. You must be prepared to answer any and all (reasonable) questions from our members. Failure to do so may result in the post being removed.
    3. All postings will be subject to moderator approval before becoming visible to other members.

    Rules for members reading listings:
    1. Do your own due diligence - we cannot check every member or listing made and take no responsibility for erroneous or misleading information.
    2. If you suspect something dodgy, report the post to the moderators using the Report link
    3. You may ask genuine questions, but this is not a discussion area - save your opinion for other threads.
    These are interim guidelines - we'll see how things go and may need to adjust them as required.
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